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Our Services

Water Heater

Whether you need a completely new system, routine maintenance, or heating repair, we provide expert heating services, including installations, replacements, and modifications. Turn to us when you want to upgrade your hot water or steam boiler equipment. Contact us today for a detailed heating estimate for your home.

Gas Piping

Count on our skillset to install or replace the gas-powered systems as they become outdated. In addition, if your gas utility company offers rebates, you could save money on our high-efficiency water heaters and home heaters. Give us a call and we'll help you with the installation of your gas appliances.

Fixing the Sink

New Construction Plumbing

If you need a plumbing system installed in a new building, hiring the right "new construction plumbing" subcontractor is the first step toward ensuring the system runs smoothly. Working with inexperienced or dishonest contractors can have disastrous consequences. By going with Dearaujo Mechanical you can rest easy because you will see the best quality new construction plumbing in Indiana!

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

We offer comprehensive plumbing services for bathroom and kitchen remodels, from planning to completion, to ensure that your new space is functionally and aesthetically pleasing. When we visit your home to evaluate a job, we pay close attention to your ideas, goals, preferences, and budget in order to develop an accurate and free estimate. As for the hardware, such as faucets, light switches, and so on, you get to pick those out yourself. You get to choose the finishes (cabinets, countertops, tiles, paint) while we take care of the rest

Bathroom Remodeling

Dearaujo Mechanical Plumbing's top-notch drain installation services in Indiana are available for jobs of any scale, from complete home renovations to minor updates. Because drains play such an important role in your home's day-to-day operations and health, it's important to hire a plumber who is familiar with your water usage patterns, local regulations, and the best drains for your home. If you hire a plumber who promises a "quick fix," you can count on spending more money and going through more stress in the future.

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