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De Araujo Mechanical

A quality oriented plumbing company

About Us

We are simply a Quality Oriented Plumbing Company

We do all kinds of plumbing stuff but with a competitive edge, and that is "Quality". Delivering quality plumbing services to residents of Indiana is in the mission statement of our business documents. And that's the best thing we offer to our customers, a quality plumbing work that lasts, a quality work that satisfies them, a quality work that develops a strong relationship between you and us.

Fixing the Sink

Max Araujo

Founder Dearaujo-Mechanical

While building De-Araujo Mechanical, we have one thing in mind, we will acquire, grow and keep clients in Indiana by offering them quality work. Quality standards that people of Indiana wouldn't have experienced before in plumbing services. And that is my promise to you as well!

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What makes us a Quality Oriented Plumbing Company?

We work really hard on our team

We spend a lot on training and development

Investing more than $800,000/year in partnership on training to make sure our workforce is equipped with most advanced skills and knowledge

In class training sessions

Special in-class training sessions for workforce to make sure they have the most advance knowledge of work as well as professional dealing abilities 

5 years on the job training 

5 years on the job training for employees to take their knowledge and skills to another level!

Our Services


New Construction Plumbing








Gas piping and Heater Installation



& Sewer


Water Taps


New Drain


Keep the life flowing in style with De-Araujo Mechanical...

Recent Projects

"Did a great job, pricing was fair and affordable. Would absolutely recommend."

SEED Fort Wayne

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